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How to maintain your hall, stairs and landing carpets

Professional Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

Look at your carpet now and ask yourself, was this the colour it was originally? Are they a dirty beige, grey or turned brown?

Did you know if left unmaintained, carpet can catch dirt and debris very easily? This may lead to dirt and stains becoming more obvious over time.

The three parts of your house that probably generate the most amount of foot traffic is the hall, stairs and landing carpet. When left uncleaned it increases health and hygiene issues. However, these areas are the most overlooked mainly because we usually prioritise the bigger rooms instead such as our lounge and bedrooms more than these small stretches of carpet.

After a certain point, the carpet itself would become too damaged by the foot traffic that even after extensive cleaning with household products, it won’t look any better. Furthermore, if you’re planning on selling your property, it can lead to its devaluation. So always stay on top of cleaning and keep all your carpet well maintained.

Chopra recommends clean your hall, stairs and landing carpets about every 6 -12 months, not just by vacuuming but by a professional cleaner. Want your carpet to last longer, stay odourless and feeling fresh for longer? Hire a professional carpet cleaner.

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