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Frequently Asked Questions

What work can i expect to be done?

Our services cover any household chores – basic cleaning and tidying, cleaning the fridge, wiping out the oven, keeping cupboards tidy, making beds, changing bed linen, washing, ironing, and whatever else you require. We tailor our cleaning services to suit your needs. The amount of work accomplished depends on how much time is allocated for the service and the attention to detail required.

How offen can i have a service?

You can enjoy our domestic cleaning services on a weekly, fortnightly or even a daily basis. If you are running out of time, try a twice-weekly service! You will love the extra time for yourself and your family.

Which area are served?

We help time-poor individuals and families all throughout the capital cities of Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth and regional areas. Call our team if you need house cleaning, wherever you are in Australia. It’s more than likely that we have a few enthusiastic, experienced cleaners near you.

Do I need to be home when a cleaner services my home?

No, but it is important to arrange a meeting to discuss your needs prior to the service starting. Our cleaners provide the best service when they completely understand your cleaning requirements and how to use your equipment. We find that an initial meeting will help make both you and your cleaner happy. If you are not going to be home during your house cleaning, you will, however, need to arrange access to your home with your cleaner.

Is the person coming into my home screened for suitability?

Our recruitment process includes face-to-face interviews, background checks, work history examination and identification checks, as well as stringent reference checking. All written references are contacted and checked by our Recruitment Officers. These checks are important to us, as it is how we ensure you receive the very best cleaning services.

What if i need to change the scheduled cleaning?

Contact us or phone the cleaner. The direct number for your local Customer Contact Centre is 0452 602 143.

Can i change my cleaner if i am unhappy?

Just one call to our coordinators is all it takes. A replacement will be arranged courteously and discreetly.

Do you guarantee a quality service?

Our cleaners pride themselves on providing a high-quality, thorough service. Please be mindful that your cleaner will be working to an agreed timeframe. We ask that, in all fairness, there is enough time allocated for the cleaner to get the job done properly. To ensure a quality service, it’s also always beneficial to take the time to have an initial meeting with your cleaner to fully explain what you would like them to cover. This meeting is only recommended for your first engagement with your cleaner, unless you are requesting new services or a different approach.

Do i need to provide cleaning equipment and products?

Yes, it is better to use your own cleaning equipment and products for a regular or catchup service however for a one-off clean such as a move out or spring clean, cleaning equipment and products are provided.

How do i pay for the service?

By cash, cheque or internet bank transfer at the end of each service. All of these transactions are paid directly to your cleaner, not to chopra property service.

What if something is damaged while cleaning my home?

Cleaners registered with chopra property service are covered by Public Liability Insurance. This means that you, along with any person other than the Cleaner, are protected from damage or injury caused by a Cleaner’s negligence. Public Liability Insurance is extremely important for both our Clients and Cleaners and is one of the most important reasons for using our Agency.

Will I need a workers compensation insurance policy?

If you have household insurance, make sure your cleaner is covered. Otherwise contact WorkCover in your state for more information.

Can a cleaner come out and quote?

Our cleaners can provide a full quote at your home for a once off service. If booking a regular service, it is best to start with how many hours you think the clean will take. The hours can then be adjusted accordingly if more or less time is required.

How many people come to the clean?

The Agency registers both individual cleaners and teams of two. If you have a preference at time of booking, please advise our Customer Service Officer and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Do I get the same cleaner each time?

Yes, you will be allocated the same cleaner each week or fortnight. If your cleaner is sick or on holidays, we would endeavour to allocate you a replacement cleaner.

Can i give the cleaner a key?

Yes, you are welcome to give the cleaner a key. A lot of our Clients are not at home when their cleaner comes and therefore prefer to give the Cleaner a key due to convenience. With our stringent recruitment process, you can have peace of mind in doing so.

All cleaners police checked?

All new cleaners registered with the Agency are required to provide a police clearance check from April 2015.

All cleaners trained?

Regardless of experience, cleaners attend a compulsory 3 day training workshop to ensure a consistent approach to cleaning. Knowledge is also provided on different products, equipment and cleaning surfaces in the home

Will the cleaners leave a receipt?

All our cleaners are able to leave you a receipt for the service they are providing. If you would like a receipt after each clean, please advise your cleaner.

Is there a contract?

No, there is no contract for booking a cleaning service.

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