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How to maintain your hall, stairs and landing carpets

Look at your carpet now and ask yourself, was this the colour it was originally? Are they a dirty beige, grey or turned brown?

Did you know if left unmaintained, carpet can catch dirt and debris very easily? This may lead to dirt and stains becoming more obvious over time.

The three parts of your house that probably generate the most amount of foot traffic is the hall, stairs and landing carpet. When left uncleaned it increases health and hygiene issues. However, these areas are the most overlooked mainly because we usually prioritise the bigger rooms instead such as our lounge and bedrooms more than these small stretches of carpet.

After a certain point, the carpet itself would become too damaged by the foot traffic that even after extensive cleaning with household products, it won’t look any better. Furthermore, if you’re planning on selling your property, it can lead to its devaluation. So always stay on top of cleaning and keep all your carpet well maintained.

Chopra recommends clean your hall, stairs and landing carpets about every 6 -12 months, not just by vacuuming but by a professional cleaner. Want your carpet to last longer, stay odourless and feeling fresh for longer? Hire a professional carpet cleaner.

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Did you know Professionally cleaned carpets increase the value of your home?

If you’re thinking no way… Yes it does! Having clean carpets help sell your home at higher prices.

Before selling you home, 2 things will happen. First, a property valuer schedules an appointment to book your home a property valuer assesses the state and location of the home to give you an estimate of how much it would sell for, and then secondly putting your house up for inspection means people will be coming into your home and forming an opinion on whether they want to buy it or not. Ensuring your carpets are clean is essential for that first impression.

Homes with carpet are likely to get and be dirty and smelly pretty quickly if left unmaintained. A professional carpet cleaner ensures the carpet is as fresh as the day you first moved in.

Remember, first impression count! When people walk through your property you want them to have a pleasant experience and not have something as a dirty carpet distract them from the other features of your house.

Fresh carpet makes the home feel fresh. It indicates to the potential buyer that the house is in well oiled and cleaned and that they don’t have to worry about any hidden house problems.

So if you’re selling your house and you wanted to be sold fast and sold at a high rate, think carpet first.

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Moving in? Here are Chopra’s Top 3 Cleaning Tips

Are you moving in soon? It not so pleasant living in an unclean house especially if is one that you’ve just moved into. It is already an exhausting job moving from house to house, packing and then unpacking. When you first arrive in your new home, more often than not it is a gamble whether the previous owners cleaned it or not.

Although you may have to do extra work, here at Chopra, we’ve created our top 3 cleaning tips for moving in!

  1. Clean from top down and from the inside out and outside in
  2. When cleaning the number one rule of thumb is to always clean from the top and then you’re your way down. This is because as you clean, gravity will cause the dust to fly everywhere and eventually float down. If you started from the bottom and then cleaned up, you would be double handling because the dust from the top will fall back onto the parts you’ve already cleaned. This is no different when cleaning out rooms. Start from the inside of the room first and make your way around and out.

  3. Vacuum, sweep and then mop
  4. Vacuum all the carpet and soft flooring to clean hidden dirt and dust bunnies. If you can vacuum the hard floor use the appropriate attachments or use a broom and sweep up the rest. Then with some strong anti-bacterial floor solutions, mop the hard flooring with windows opened to air dry it.

  5. Sponge and Hot water can go a long way
  6. Use an all-purpose cleaner with a sponge and hot water and wipe down everything with a surface. This may include table tops, closets, counters and cabinet doors. Using hot water makes the surfaces gleam, the sponge helps removes grime and dirt and the all-purpose cleaner kills bacteria.

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